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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 13, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EST

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filed complaints in his son's autobody shop. >> bill kilmeade is here it help us out. >> brian: what are you doing. >> doing the show and figure out the word. >> what is it, help us out. has to do with travel. have a good show. bird is not too excited. >> brian: i am not into it. >> have a good day. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is tuesday. i am gretchen carlson. big news day. first it was general david petraeus and now general john allen in current commander in afghanistan tied to the same scandal and the woman that ended petraeus' career and the feds have 30,000 pages of e-mails in their hands now.
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>> brian: with the hearings on benghazi . leon panetta said there was not enough warnings to save the four americans murdered fighting for their lives in libya. >> steve: the defense department needs to know in advance when bad stuff happens. not making that up. >> brian: chairman paul ryan telling americans he will go back to work. >> i am house budget chair and it is part of my job to make this divided government work. >> brian: you can hear the disappointment. the former vp revealing what he will do next and going through election day with mitt romney. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: you it is a good day when the floor crew is
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humming our theme song. >> brian: only one they know. >> gretchen: welcome everybody. petraeus scandal appears to be getting bigger . this is a made for movie situation already. >> brian: it is a movie i don't want to see. >> gretchen: certainly more details coming out. it is many things and now another top commander in afghanistan. general john allen who took over for david petraeus when he kebecame commander in afghanistan. he is under investigation for exchanging thousands of e-mails from kelly. who was a social liason for central command and he she had a relationship with the petraeus, and also e-mails, we don't know what way. it was in enough of a way for an investigation to ensue. >> steve: the way the f.b.i. is depicting it, they
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discovered 20,000 to 30,000 page e-mail. they describe it as potentially inappropriate but declined to comment. there is a commander allen but declined to comment on the nature of the relationship with kelly in the yellow dress and the general with all of the stars and bars. >> brian: what the heck is this about? she was a social liason and by the way, i didn't know we needed one. 20,000 to 30,000. i could not write 20,000. >> i e-mail you. you respond with one word. >> brian: i don't think. got to get dressed >> chris: kelly, even though it is the other woman paula broadwell who had the relationship, that
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is kelly right there. it was paula broadwell who had the relationship with general petraeus. why would she hire a lawyer and judy smith who is an expert at crisis management. we know. and they out about the 20,000 to 30,000 e-mail about to become public. >> brian: we know that general petraeus is a brilliant military mind and general allen was doing a good job in afghanistan and going to be elevated in a position in nato. his confirmation hearings are on delay and would-be replacement is asked to secretary of defense is asked to speed up the conference hearings. america is the big loser here. we lose two military minds who have the respect of those were in the military.
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>> gretchen: don't forget. >> brian: allen is in the place for a while. >> gretchen: we don't know if he will resign. don't forget general mcchrystal and you factor in the last three years what happened with the top level generals it is amazing and because he gave the interview to rolling stone magazine that was derogatory to president obama. jill kelly, when she went to the e-mail and got e-mails, it turns out e-mails were not threats. they were not i am going to get rid of you. they were in most situations bleak and not that threatening they never thought it would turn into anything criminal and so why? >> steve: the answer is
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broadwell and petraeus set up a g-mail account and this is the same technique used by terrorist and cyber crime people and drug dealers and what they do. they set up a gmail and both people know the pass word and they write on a draft and save the draft and they communicate that way and when the f.b.i. started to look into the hreats, they realize this connects to petraeus. we wonder whether his account has been hacked. they set it up to get around it turned out to be a big red flag. >> brian:ip think f.b.i. agent who is doing the investigation who was pulled off of the case because he was too obsessive and sent a shirtless shot to jill kelly. >> steve: a long time. >> brian: it seems to be permanent and like i have a friend who is a cop . this time your friend is an
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f.b.i. agent and i got e-mails and can you find who it s. like run the plates as a favor and it gets bigger unless they knew it would get bigger. >> gretchen: i don't know there is many unanswered questions. the original e-mails from anonymous paula broadwell were like a cat fight and were not threats y. would the f.b.i. put resources into that? that's the big question for me this morning. in the meantime vernon lobe who was a ghostwriter the book that paula broadwell wrote about pit pet, he is responding about what kind of relationship he saw between broadwell and pept pet. >> what was a conversation is why general petraeus was granting paula broadwell the kind of acess her. i never understood it.
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but i rationalize it in my own mind it was something he could control approximate because it was so public, that both of them felt there was never any danger of it becoming anything other than than you know, journalist subject and professional relationship. >> steve: some investigative reporter. he's write know books before. his wife thinks he is the most clueless person in america and he did not connect the dots and see something else going on there. leon panet is was asked to comment on this stuff and in particular the benghazi attack and where were the responders leon. listen carefully to what he's about to say. and in the sound byte. he said we have to have advance notice that something
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is about to happen. what? here's leon panetta. >> the fundmental fact is this, in order for us to be able to move quickly, we have to have advance notice that something is going to happen and in this case we didn't have that. and when we were informed the attack was already happening and to be able to respond adequately while an attack is going on made it difficult to be able to move quickly as we would have wanted to. >> brian: couple of things with that statementment why didn't you know something could happen quickly. 9/11 was coming up they knew the terrorist threat and they were vulnerable to cell operate a event in the libyan war. we really need a tip off that something bad is going to happen. how can you do that. >> gretchen: that's not how
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the u.s. military works i wouldn't think. >> brian: that's not how the koches or law enforcement works. >> steve: sometimes you have to ad lib and they were not raid. >> gretchen: look at the thwarted terrorist attacks in new york city maybe that will make you think about how preventative law enforcement works and preventative military works. >> steve: what about blowing the hole in the consulate wall and 40 people got out and that was prior warning. >> gretchen: there are other stories making news today. you probably seen the head of the world's most famous anti-virus cum. john mcafee wanted for murder? police in belize want to question him about the shooting death of a neighbor. fall file would a complaint
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for mcafee for firing guns. mcafee had recently experimented with drugs and arrested on gun charges. >> senator john kerry will be nominated to president obama's cabinet but not as secretary of state. president obama may ask the vietnam veteran to replace leon panetta instead it is unlikely he will stay on for the full second term. as for the secretary of state position it is widely believed that the president will nominate susran rice. rice appeared on five different sunday talk show in the aftermath of the terrorist attack and blaming the anti-muslim video saying it was terror. >> republican congressman paul ryan breaking his silence a week after he and mitt romney
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lost the election wants to get to work. >> the issues we talked about sevenyears ago are what we have today. economy and debt-crisis and i worry about our military. these same problems exist and we have to find common ground to make it work. >> when asked about running on 2016. he said he was tired of presidential pilots right now. >> gas rationing in new jersey came to an end. the was put in place after gas shortages that had cars lined up for miles. governor christy said all supplies are replenished. darkness continues in long island. two weeks and no power. lifa claims that everyone who could get their power back should have ervice restored. there is a caviet of who ca.
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>> we received no advance notice. are you going to investigate why the f.b.i. didn't notify you before? >> yes, absolutely. >> good. even top democrats like senator feinstein are demanding answers in the david petraeus scandal whompt knew about the affair before the election and why didn't they
6:17 am
speak up president obama's own attorney general may be one of the people who kept the investigation a secret. ronald kessler is here. welcome. >> thank you. >> steve: the story is that the president didn't find out about it until after the. you found out about it on october 10th. >> yes, i had a call from a f.b.i. source who said the investigation is going on since the spring and yet the f.b.i. put a lid on it until after the election and after the election petraeus would b asked to resign. look at the time line, it is impossible to believe that there was not a cover up here. he should be removed immediately. i was told that it happened in the f.b.i. with a high-ranking f.b.i. he would be out of the door because of the security
6:18 am
implications and the back well mail potential and the idea that obama would not be told until two or three days after the election it beyond belief. >> you don't believe it. you think that the president of the united states knew in the spring? >> yeah. soon as they were clear of an affair. i am sure he would be told. if he wasn't that would be a scandal. bob moller briefs him on any investigation and threats and this would be at the top of the list and attorney general holder knew about it in the summer and he's a good friend and it is a fairy tale to think that obama would not be told about it. >> steve: you feel that the f.b.i. suppressed it to help with the president's reelection and along the way, the director of the f.b.i. knew, obviously the attorney general eric holder knew and
6:19 am
the white house had to know. >> sure. and bob miller is a very honorable guy. he gave tremendous acess to the f.b.i. for my book, but i think he may have rationalized to himself it was not a criminal probe as far as petraeus goes and up to the white house to decide the action in terps of removing him and when. and i could see him justifying it in his own mind. petraeus was in the position for four or five months and he could have been black mail and would all of the top secrets in this country and no excuse to allow him to stay in office. 92 ron, we have more questions if you stay there live. terrifying moment from wwe. >> not part of the entertainment tonight. it is a real-life situation.
6:20 am
my broadcast companion jerry lawler collapsed. >> steve: there is a update on the king this morning. and brace for a landing. a plane runs down the runway and straight for the highway. wheeltell you where it happened and why coming up. where others fail, droid powers through.
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>> >> gretchen: investigators are trying to pin point the explosion of the house in indianapolis. the exhusband said the furnace might be to blame. his daughter told him they were having problems with the heat. it was the fight of jerry the king lawless life. remember this. >> he is fighting hard and
6:24 am
again king pulled through this. >> gretchen: the king of the ring finally returned home. lawlawyer before monday night raw x. first time lawler appeared live. since having a heart attack. >> brian: we are back with ron kessler. the name of the book that you have to get secrets of the f.b.i.. ron, can you indulge me for a second and go back to where it started, that is the spring of last year jill kelly said can you investigate e-mails i am getting and i feel threatened and yet the words didn't say i will burn down your house and you are going to die. it was a makings of a cat fight. why is the f.b.i. investigating a cat fight. >> i don't believe that press
6:25 am
report the if i can fib wouldn't have gotten involved unless there were threats involved and i was in the washington post and sat next to carl bernstein. and i am not saying it is water gate but the beat reporterers would accept whatever the white house said and pooh pooh the possibility of nixon in the cover up. and lowly metro reporters would get the real facts and here i think we see the reporters accepting what the fib tib is leaking to them. it is many months to figure it out. petraeus should have been out sooner. >> gretchen: why would ever thought that the general in charge of stan tan would have
6:26 am
time to e-mail 20,000 to 30,000 e-mail to jill kelly. who knows what is going on. and will this be a side show for the media now? now the media has to cover benghazi and what happened in libya or will it all be a sex scandal and not what happened? >> no, i think it focus on the sex scandal. if they do their job they will question the cover story of when obama was told about this. simply can't believe he was not told about her until two days after the election. one of the things going on. i know that petraeus is e-mailing reporters and this shows nup the stories as a friend of petraeus. it is a very, very involved
6:27 am
story. >> steve: you think it is a good spin to make petraeus look better. >> and make the f.b.i. look better. it takes six month to investigate a simple matter of threatening e-mails, and that they would wait and allow petraeus to stay in office. doesn't make since. >> brian: you said four or five directors he knows were having affairs and they stayed in office and no one knew about it and there was a procedure and no one endorsed the act. the former president of united states, president clinton is lauded as an international rock star. >> i don't think we can lower our standard and allow someone with top secret to be with the possibility of black mail. it doesn't mean we should turn a blind eye to these things. the cia director and
6:28 am
penetrations of foreign intelience and bugging of embassies. >> brian: and the president didn't. >> i think clinton should have stepped down and there was no one to tell him to do it. impoochment. >> gretchen: it is crital to have an affair in the military. we could pick your brain for a long time. we have wrap it up. 92 best expert right there. straight ahead. before he was hanged someone else tried to take out saddam hussein with a book bomb. the story coming up next. >> brian: who is the most important president we have h. nude gring rich has. answer. >> ah yeah. there he is. he is 68. mr. big.
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♪ >> both parties show our country is heading to a fiscal cliff . we are heading to a fiscal cliff and bad news, we just elected a guy with a campaign slog an forward. >> gretchen: got to do something about that in five weekings. >> brian: president going to meet with union leaders and ceo's tomorrow and congressional leaders and everything will be done by debt. >> gretchen: break out the debt commission report? didn't taxpayers pay for that that went on six months >> chris: they didn't get the super majority. >> steve: and now we are kicking the can down the road.
6:34 am
>> brian: there are report that is newt gringrich is wait negligent wings. >> steve: we'll talk about benghazi and hillary and petraeus. >> gretchen: in the meantime headlines now. he was held in contempt of congress for failing to turn over documents with the fast and furious . president obama is holding on to attorney general holder. he asked him to stay on for a second term and holder agreed. holder is facing criticism for reportedly knowing months ago that former cia director david petraeus was under investigation and never informed the president or did he? >> steve: forget bullets. we are learning that saddam hussein narrowlyy dodged being killed by a book. the israeli intelligence agency sent hussein an exploding book in the 1970s.
6:35 am
huss was parrinoid and had an iraqi official open the book that contained the package which wound up killing that guy. >> brian: you don't want to be his letter opener. >> steve: who needs a food tester. saturday're hussein was absoluted after being captured in the spider hold by u.s.. >> brian: it would have saved us a lot of time and money. security camera footage catching the corporate jet and pilot seriously hurt and two passengers were able to escape from the plane and only had minor injuries. >> these numbers don't add up. taxpayers are spending 12 million on a state of art school and never been more than 20 students attending it. the school has 29 staff which is more than the number of
6:36 am
students and used as a special education instead of an elementary scoog. the district is considering selling the school. >> steve: getting the weather on this tuesday. it is rainy here in the northeast up through new england and down throughh the midatlantic. we had showers in the florida panhandle earlier today . right now it looks lik it is dry. and behind the rain storm. we have chilly temperatures. right now it is it 19 out in provo and in minneapolis. and two dozen in chicago . same for rapid city and 34 in memphis. later on today. things in kansas city will warm up to close to 60 . 80 down in tampa and you are just showing off it is a double nickel. >> brian: many in congress
6:37 am
can't help but wonder if the major players plan to skip entire petraeus and probably will not show up next week. without it can we get to the bottom of this? newt gingrich is former speaker of the house and wrote a number of books and this is called victory in york town. we'll talk about your book in a moment. the whole benghazi thing, no one could envision what happened with general petraeus and now general john allen. where does it leave us with getting to the answers. >> the congress will insist that petraeus and clinton come and testify. all they are doing is dragging the process out by not showing up. there is zero doubt in my mind that the congress will subpene a. they'll come to testify and
6:38 am
it can't help the administration to have it go on month after month. some point they want closure and learn the lessons and move on >> brian: what bothers you the most about the way things transpired besides disappeared with general petraeus it seem right to you. >> just methodical dishonesty and you have been through months and since september 11th and not being told the truth. and i think that the administration is still not laid it out and not been forth coming which is bad for the whole system . second, if you -- we can't come to grips with how much some people hate us. and the fact that benghazi was a surprise. give me a break. the thing with leon paneta and they were not thinking it possible? >> steve: we need a woonering. >> please don't attack us without a warning because we
6:39 am
feel bad and it is nonsense. the whole point of a national security system. what about homeland security, with what happened in long island. we have had katrina and sandy. it is clearr that the department of the homeland security is not doing its job . benghazi and the military is not leaning forward . that the tone of the administration. >> steve: what do you make of the fact that the with main stream media pushing the story, the president didn't know about the petraeus thing until after the election . we had ronald kessler who said the white house knew. >> it is the first time i understood that this had been going on for months. i mean, again, you have a whole new series of hearingings, how could the f.b.i. pick up something like this in the spring and take month to figure it out?
6:40 am
>> brian: eric hooleder knew. and you have suspend disbelief. >> let me ask you in th minutia for a moment. petraeus came out stunningly to many after the benghazi attack and said it was the anti-muslim video. and many people were scratching their heads. >> i am told he did not say that. i was told by people in the room, he's the one guy who said it was terrorism. >> brian: he explained to people and left scratching their head. >> gretchen: i am wondering if he came to testify and that was under oath if he would have to stick to that story of the videotape. >> he can saw we know more. i don't think any serious person thought it was the video. you don't aquar - mortars because i am so mad about the movie and let me pick up my
6:41 am
mortar and bomb something. >> steve: this is a novele victory at york town. it is not just historical recollection but people we never met before. >> the important thing about victory for conservative. washington didn't give up. washington had eight years in the field and went home to mount vernon one week in eight years and had tough battles and a longg winter in valley forge. >> brian: defections and the army wants to get paid. >> there was a lot of problems and in valley forge, he reshapes the army in the worst winter of the army's career and becomes a fighting force. yorktown he takes enormous gambles to win the war. to conservatives sitting aroundand talking about how shell shocked with the results.
6:42 am
you pick yourself up and say you know, this is what merrence are like. we keep going and learn keep doing better . at york town, where they play it. it is always a great symbol. they played and the world turned upside down as wallace surrender we are now a free country. >> gretchen: it is a best seller and newt is going to stick around. did you know there is an elephant in our news room. and newt's wife callista with a lesson in history and she has a fantastic book out for kids. >> brian: do you just write in dinner. >> and coming up straight ahead. judge napolitano is also here without any mascots we believe. and why he said president roosevelt and woodrow wilson destroyedal freedom.
6:43 am
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and where clothing is optional. nespresso. what else? >> >> gretchen: we know america is the land of the free and home of the brave. we can with an elephant with callistic gingrich. the beloved elephant takes kids on a journey. good to see elyis callistic again. >> brian: and you elis is busy. elis will not talk because he needs to be paid. why tell the story with ellis. >> wonderful. i write the stories because i love america and america is an exceptional and it is more important that our children understand why it is a great
6:47 am
country. ellis the elephant lurns about our 13 original colonis and this period of our colonial american period is 170 years and characteristics and traits as americans are shaped. it is so important that our kids understand how our nation began. >> steve: it is interesting brian is listening intently. >> brian: it takes great concentration. >> steve: now callistic, are you using a elephant because it sisign of the republican party? >> i knew i needed a unique character and i concerned bunnis and hippos and giraffes. couldn't resist the adorable elephant. >> brian: and you had the outfit in the house? >> steve: yeah. >> you say there is a lack of
6:48 am
historical books from age four-age 8 and you thought it was important to provide that. >> that's right. our schools are failing to teach our youngg children american history and if you look at statistics, it is sobering. majority of the fourth graders don't know why americans leftt england and fewer can tell why we fought the war. we need them to have the tools. >> brian: why was a between victory in york town and your book. you are telling us to buy both. >> that's right. two different audience. >> your which were would like it and teens and adults may like york town. >> steve: newt, you are a great historian. did you learn? >> you work on a colonial periodd and you learn a,
6:49 am
amazing. ellis ends up being a pirate in north carolina because that was a major part of colonnial history in north carolina. >> brian: and they land in pittsburg. >> gretchen: you are successful in putting out books for different audience and you are a fuel service couple. >> brian: what did you learn from traveling the country and running from president. >> we had an incredible year and blessed to be part of the process and american people are good people. whether or not we agree politically americans are good and generous and most of the us are optmistic about the future of the country. >> people are more decent and concerned about the country than the current political processs lets them explain. and they are smarter than the political med yampt >> steve: thank you very much. elis, good job. >> brian: he's growing into
6:50 am
the role. >> steve: were you hesitant and approximate to grab his trunk. >> brian: yes, i watch nat geo and that is how you greet the elephant. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox and friends", do you think you could survive the disaster. doomsday preppers can. >> steve: judge napolitano here and why he said president roosevelt and woodrow wilson destroyed your constitutional freedom. >> brian: and ellis is trying to save it. ♪ ♪
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6:54 am
snukes autobail outs and obama care and list of regulation. big government is the winner along with president obama as he gets ready for a second term. we can thank both a democrat and a republican for our bloated bureaucracy. and joining me fox analyst judge napolitano who always has a smile on his face. what did they do to bloat the government. >> they couldn't stand each other. one was a republican and one was a democrat. and they shared this common idea that the constitution was not the supreme law of the land but a guide lance . once in the white house the president can do anything he wanted. the federal government could right any wrong and tax any event that they wanted. it was the beginning, a hundred years ago of the era
6:55 am
in which the federal government has a personal relationship with individual and businesses bailed out and individuals receive welfare for the federal government and in return a dependency created by the government on the part of the people who vote for progressives so that they would give them a bigger piece of the pie. >> gretchen: it is so timely. people argue that that is the era we live in now. and the things that came in to compulsey education. >> one would think that the government had nothing to do with compulsory education. it sounds like a good idea but it was the state version of history and government and it was a state version of religion that they were pushing by the federal government. federal reserve. it a monster then and now.
6:56 am
when the country was created in 1776 up to the time of the federal reserve. the value of the dollar went up. and since the federal reserve it is down 92 percent. they crank out free money. >> thanks for the pick me up, judge. federal income tax. >> the federal income tax. money is the mother's milk of politicings. under wilson and roosevelt they taxed incomes and it gave the federal government an unending spickot of cash and started the bloating bercracy. >> gretchen: and end with regulation and we know what they are . they are abundant. good luck on the book. >> i am taking a break for a year. >> gretchen: you deserve it. check out the new book. >> gretchen: he had his sites
6:57 am
set on president obama. he was convicted in a botched bomb plot . darth vader really his dad home from war. >> yeah. it is. daddy. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? then i heard this news about a multivitamin study looking at long-term health benefits for men over 50. the one they used in that study... centrum silver. that's what i take. my doctor! he knows his stuff. [ male announcer ] centrum. the most recommended. most preferred. most studied. centrum, always your most complete.
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7:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, november 13, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. we start with a fox news alert. shocking twist. another general under investigation now. this time it's the nation's top commander in afghanistan, general john allen. why was he allegedly sending 30,000 pages of e-mails to the same woman who exposed general petraeus? >> brian: exactly one week after losing a hard fought battle, paul ryan speaking out. >> i'm still a house budget chair, so as i see things, it's part of my job to be part of the solution to try and make this
7:01 am
divided government work. >> brian: more from the former vp nominee and what he plans to do next. >> steve: ever wond what are the end of the world will look like? >> nobody will be going out to the supermarket, to the gas station. nobody will be going to work. slowly the sewer plants will shut down. you will have to deal with some horrible, wicked, evil people. >> steve: actually that kind of sounds like what happened in new york a few weeks ago. >> brian: or by my house. >> steve: those are the stars of doomsday preppers. an entire family prep to go make it out of armageddon alive. "fox & friends," hour two for a wet tuesday from new york city. anybody else want to put their heads in? come on over here. we're going to win by a smile in a moment. let's start. >> gretchen: sorry about that.
7:02 am
i didn't realize that steve was coming back on camera. >> brian: i don't think they picked it up. >> gretchen: they just got my entire profile. >> brian: you were teasing your appearance. during steve's tease of the show. >> gretchen: didn't intend to. >> steve: the big story today, we told you yesterday about the general petraeus scandal as it was revealed he was having this atear with this woman, paula broadwell. and they had been exchanging e-mail or something like that. well, now there is a new commander caught up in things. we're talking about general john allen, the commander for u.s. nato forces in afghanistan. as it turns out, the original whistle blower in the paula broadwell case, jill kelly, apparently jill kelly and that man right there, general allen, exchanged between 20 and 30,000 pages -- >> brian: how that could be. >> steve: that's hundreds of day over several years. according to the f.b.i. and the pentagon, they have declined to
7:03 am
comment on the nature of the relationship. let's just say they were friendly, at least e-mail wise. >> gretchen: they are saying that it was inappropriate communication. so it doesn't sound like they were joking with each other. >> steve: potentially inappropriate. >> gretchen: well, yeah. alleged. but i don't think they used the word inappropriate, unless they were pretty sure that's how they felt the tone was. in the meantime what, does this mean for general allen? he's been in charge of afghanistan? he was supposed to move up. now they'll put that promotion on hold. so while they do this investigation. the whole thing is so interesting about now this jill kelly connection, she's this sociallyian son, volunteer gig in tampa. but what was she being social about? apparently she was e-mailing a lot and getting e-mails originally from paula broadwell, very good friends with general petraeus and his wife. now she has this very good relationship with general allen which remains a question mark. she went to the f.b.i. agent who was a friend, initially, to tell
7:04 am
him about these threatening e-mail she was getting from an anonymous source, who turned out to be paula broadwell. what's interesting is that the source is saying the e-mails were not really threatening. so why did the investigate it to begin it. they said it was a close call. at most the messages were harassing. the cyber squad had to seek the cyber book to see if there was legal cause to see if there was a case. >> steve: it was a cyber question because it was the top spy in the country involved in an unappropriate relationship via the internet. the f.b.i. agent at the field office in tampa, jill kelly, apparently before the investigation started, at some point he had sent her a shirtless photograph of himself. okay, then they become friends, continue to be friends. she calls him in, says, look, i'm getting all these e-mail. he was eventually taken off the
7:05 am
case because they felt that he had grown obsessed with the matter. then months go by. he's taken off the case. he actually feels like this is all being swept under the rug. so what does he do? he acts as a whistle blower. he goes o a congressman from wisconsin, dave way cert, and told him the story. he passes it on to eric cantor. a couple of republicans now in the month of ago. >> the attorney general did know. when the f.b.i. is investigating the c.i.a., how could that get by the president of the united states? how could that not be the first thing you hear? by the way, we got a problem in libya. afghanistan continues to be a challenge. and the c.i.a. director is being investigated by the f.b.i i know you got to run. and i'm not even saying, if i'm president of the united states and i only find out on election day about this, i am furious! how dare you keep this secret from me for six months.
7:06 am
>> gretchen: you have to keep in mind that apparently they were keeping the secret of benghazi from him. if you look at the time line. >> brian: that there was a problem there. >> gretchen: remember, joe biden famously said in the debate with paul ryan that we didn't know about any of that, soaves forgetting himself potentially and the president. but to me, the big question is as we try and piece together all these details about this behavior, what's getting lost in the shuffle? what's getting lost is the real story, which is what actually happened in benghazi and what was the united states' responsibility and relationship and who was to blame for putting out that videotape that that was to blame initially? it's going to get lost in the shuffle potentially and discredits the military in the process because you have two big-time general, not excusing their behavior, but that's what the story is going to become about, instead of what really happened in benghazi. >> brian: last night, the f.b.i. broke in, but just went into an empty paula broadwell house and
7:07 am
spent four hours, took at least two of her computers out because somebody unearthed a university denver speech she gave at which time she might have said something that was top secret and we're not ready for public viewing for that audience. >> steve: as you can see, she was not in the house at the time. f.b.i. agents photographed her. apparently at some point, a prankster -- >> brian: no one talks about anything anymore. >> steve: a prankster called while the f.b.i. agents were inside, they called domino's and the delivery guy showed up with pizza for the f.b.i. guys. they did not answer the door. what's interesting about paul will broadweller -- paula broadwell is here is this journalist writing this book. why did she have top secret documents on her computer? this is a big issue. now, petraeus told the f.b.i.
7:08 am
and investigators, didn't come from me, could it come from somebody else in afghanistan or something like that? but if the f.b.i. takes your computer and you've got classified documents, you can figure you're going to wind up with a visit from the f.b.i. >> gretchen: it officially within from a movie to a mini series. >> brian: by the way, you getting revenge from yesterday, it's like 120 degrees yesterday. yesterday you said it was cold. on tuesday we pay the price. >> gretchen: what does this have to do -- you're heating up because of the content of what we're discussing. >> brian: possibly. let's talk about paul ryan of the he said he was sitting with the romneys on election night and extremely sad. they really thought they were going to win and knew for sure it wasn't going to go their way when they saw the turnout in urban america. and when the results came in for ohio and virginia, they knew it was over. paul ryan. >> i got reelected to represent the first district in wisconsin. still the house budget chair. so as i see things, it's part of
7:09 am
my job to be part of the solution to try and make this divided government work 'cause the issues we talked about seven days ago are still the issues we have to teal with today. the economy. a debt crisis. we've got a health care system problem. i worry about our military. so these same problems exist and we're going to have to find a way of finding common ground to make them work. >> steve: you've got paul ryan yesterday in wisconsin. brian, you toughed on turn joy -- touched on turnout. >> brian: i deny it. i never said it. >> steve: the reason they lost is turnout. they were happy going in to the election. they felt like their models all showed that they would win on election day. but then as they started getting the information into orca, this data mining thing that they had going in boston, it was way off. >> brian: i've always said don't trust models. >> gretchen: we've gone from
7:10 am
domino to heating studios to orca? >> steve: it's the name of their computer. they started noticing embossed with orca on election day that while their turnout was good, the other side's turnout was much better. that is why they lost the election. >> gretchen: let's do some other headlines for you now for tuesday. you probably seen his name hundreds of times on your computer screen. but the founder of the world's most famous antivirus company, john mcafee wanted for murder. police in belize want to question him about the shooting death his neighbor. the two had been at odds after fall filed a complaint against mcafe, for firing guns. it's said he was arrested on gun charges. he wanted to blow up the home of former president george w. bush. in a few hours, he could be locked up for the rest of his life. a judge will sentence the saudi man in a texas courtroom today.
7:11 am
a jury convicted him in june for targeting the former president's home and power plants in 2011. speculation growing, senator john kerry will become the new secretary of defense. according to the "washington post," president obama may ask him to replace leon panetta. it's unlikely because pianette -- it's believed he will nominate susan rice to secretary of state, the current ambassador to the united nations came under scrutiny for flaming the terrorist attack on an anti-muslim video. star wars birthday party with a really special surprise. a five-year-old boy dresses up as luke sky walker and finds out man dressed as darth vader is actually his navy father, home early from deployment. >> you better go take his mask
7:12 am
off. >> daddy! >> gretchen: justin spent the last three months in the middle east. his family didn't think he would be home until christmas. what a great surprise. >> steve: i am your father. luke skywalker. >> brian: 12 minutes after the hour. coming up, does your mother-in-law make you feel uncomfortable? you're in good company. the story we're about to tell you you're in good company. >> steve: and then the president promised he would move the country forward. a brand-new economic warning says we're heading backwards? stuart varney's stand in, charles payne, the king of pain, in next where others fail, droid powers through.
7:13 am
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two. three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember. with the bankamericard cash wards credit card, i earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ both ] 2% back on groceries. [ all ] 3% on gas! no hoops to jump through. i earn more cash back on the things i buy most. [ woman in pet store ] it's as easy as... [ all ] one! -two. -[ all ] three! [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. apply online or at a bank of america near you. >> steve: despite the decisive results of the election signal
7:16 am
to business, moody credit agency says the united states is still in danger of a downgrade financially unless it acts quickly to address the fiscal cliff and the gigantic massive deficit. >> brian: charles payne is here with more. you surprised by this? >> no, i'm not surprised by it, although we know moody's and s & p and all of those guys have been ultraaggressive since blowing the housing bubble and trying to stay ahead of this stuff. also i think they're trying to play a role with respect to finding a solution to this thing. i don't think anybody wants to see our credit rating start to deteriorate. the fact of the matter is, we're winning now because of our legacy. we're winning because we're the only game in town right now. that's the only reason money continues to funnel into america. that's not always going to be the case. we better fix this right now. >> steve: yeah. i was reading about that in politico, that lefty blog last night. what happens if let's say moody's does go ahead and downgrade sinus we got downgraded last year by s & p
7:17 am
and it was a bad couple of days, but steams to bounce back. >> we did bounce back. again, for the most part, if you got a lot of money and you put it in chinese bonds or american bonds right now, put it in american bonds for the moment, not russian bonds or european bonds, but again, it still at some point becomes more expensive. we're talk being debt that's going to cost a trillion dollars a year in interest a year. as these ratings go down, it costs us more and more money to borrow money. >> brian: there is big news today, they did a study, a petroleum study and turns out we could be among the first or second producer in oil production in the world ahead or slightly behind saudi arabia? ahead of russia by 2020? >> yeah. one of the ironies is over the last couple of years, the oil industry, fossil fuel, the evil fossil fuel created so many jobs and so much wealth. look at pennsylvania alone, you got to worry about them coming
7:18 am
under attack, particularly natural gas. you got a big hollywood movie coming out, anti-fracking and all that stuff. >> steve: the president later today will meet interestingly with union leaders and business leaders, tomorrow he'll meet with ceo's and congress and try to avert the fiscal cliff. what do you make of the meeting with the union guys? >> i got a huge beef with this. unions represent only 8% of private sector works. there is no way in the world they should be the first ones up. by the way, this is all look just like his jobs council. nothing but academics, union leaders and gigantic businesses. where is the small business? guys, let me tell you, businesses with less than 50 please created 13,000 jobs. where would the president and the country be without them? they never get a seat at the able. we crush them, we crush any hope for recovery. >> brian: we'll ask the ceo's to get behind a tax increase on the we'lly. that's what the president will ask. >> you don't get it. if you're the ceo with a
7:19 am
$290 billion market cap, it might not bother you that much. let's get mop and mop -- mom and pop, they never get invited. >> steve: we're going to be watching you two hours from now on fox business. it says southerny and company, but really it's payne and people. >> brian: your slogan is -- >> barney is parachuting in, though. he doesn't want me to host two days in a row. >> brian: 19 minutes after the hour. liberals targeting papa john's pizza for taking a stand against obamacare. there is a big movement underway to make sure that does not happen. >> steve: then as the scandal unravels what, will the legacy of general david petraeus be? but will all of that be over? we'll talk to governor mike huckabee. he's next
7:20 am
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>> steve: news by the numbers. 36%. that's how much more health care premiums are going to cost for wal-mart employees. 36%. obamacare forcing some of the employers 1.4 million workers to forego coverage all together. next, 105.7 million. that's how many women had driver's licenses in 2010 compared to 104.3 million for guys. finally, four out of ten. according to new research, that's how many women say they have an uneasy relationship with their mother-in-law. 40%. gretch, over to you.
7:24 am
>> gretchen: thank you, steve. fox news alert, overnight the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, general john allen, now being investigated as well in the scandal surrounding david petraeus. officials say allen was e-mailing the woman in florida who sparked the entire investigation, jill kelly. giving us his take on the scandal, is governor mike huckabee, the author of a new book on a whole different topic. a grandfather's thoughts on faith, family and things that matter most. i can hardly wait to get to that. this is important. this is our legacy that we're leaving to kids. in the meantime, we have this huge scandal that keeps getting bigger and bigger. what do you make of this latest development that general john allen, how could it be that 20 to 30,000 e-mails to this jill kelly who is the one who went to the f.b.i. who got so-called threatening e-mails. >> gee, that makes it real simple, doesn't it? if people wonder why in the
7:25 am
world would i write a book that has nothing to do with politics and scandal, now you know. we don't know what's going on behind the scenes. we don't know what happened. it's all unraveling. the tragedy from my perspective is that you have, in the case of david petraeus, one of the greatest american military heros ever, he was the person who created the way to deal with insurgency. no one had ever done that before. we lost vietnam because we didn't know how to deal with it. people forget this is a warrior. this is a man who put his life on the line there are this country for 38 years. he dodged bullets, literally for us. so i want to be careful that we don't get so wrapped up in the scandal that we don't somehow fail to remember that most all of his career has been that of a distinguished soldier and an honorable who made a huge mistake. like king david, who made a huge mistake, he was still called a man after god's own heart.
7:26 am
i'm just heart broken for david petraeus, his wife and family and all of them. >> gretchen: the other thing that comes to mind for me is will we get lost, will the real news story here about what actually happened in benghazi got lost in the shuffle because we're talking about a sex scandal? >> eventually it will come out because that's where all of this has to lead. what did the president know? when did he know it? in the long-term, i think it will lead us to answers on benghazi that we might not have gotten otherwise. >> gretchen: i want to move on to the fantastic new book that the governor has written "dear chandler, dear scarlet." who are they? >> those are my grandchildren. something happened to me when i became a grandfather. i always heard that this was magic home. i thought come on, please, you know, it can't be that big a deal. but what happened was i started realizing that there are generations that are going to follow me and what will they remember? what will they take? what will i leave for them? some vintage guitar that they'll sell on ebay the minute i'm
7:27 am
gone, or are there big things we should pass on to generations coming after us? the trouble is, for the most part, by the time they're old enough to now, we're gone. this is a election of letters, really republican to every parent and grandparent. it's a book that's intended to be fun and funny and sometimes touching. it's not so much me telling my stories. it's saying to every parent and grandparent, tell your stories, but put it down now while you can so that 30, 40 years from now your kids and your grandkids will be able to read it and understand it. >> gretchen: what i love about this is that you talk about faith and family, but these sometimes seem to be traditions that get lost in the shuffle of our politically correct society. i love that you put it to paper so that your grandkids and so many other people can benefit from it. by the way, here is my favorite picture in the whole book. this is the gov playing his famous bass guitar and hoping his grandchildren also take up
7:28 am
an instrument. >> i want them o make as much noise as they possibly can to drive their parents crazy like their parents drove me crazy. that's part of the book. this is retribution for all the things that their parents did when they were my kids. >> gretchen: final exit question, do you spoil chandler and scarlet more than your own kids? >> absolutely. that's part of the fun, isn't it? that's the whole game is make their parents just cringe. >> gretchen: i know the feeling. my mom and dad do the same thing and my in-laws as well. great to see you. good luck. >> appreciate it. >> gretchen: before he was hanged, someone else tried to take out saddam hussein with a book bomb. then this is not your average rock band. when these guys aren't performing, they're defending our freedom. stick around. ♪
7:29 am
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[ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. but it never hurts to see if you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. ♪ open enrollment ends dember 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare. >> steve: welcome back. studio e. what began as a social group for guys in brooklyn and queens, new
7:33 am
york, evolved into an organization that benefits an entire community. they're called the gray beards and since the september 11 attack, these guys have stepped in to help their neighbors in the rockaways. >> gretchen: now in the wake of super storm sandy, members are asking for your support to rebuild the devastated communities of breezy point and rockaway point. they set a goal to raise 1 had you been thousand dollars. so far they have $65,000. >> brian: you want to donate? there is 62 days left to help out. >> steve: that's a nice cause. it's a great cause and nice that they would try to do that. >> gretchen: the other headlines for you. he was held in contempt of congress for failing to turn over documents on the botched fast and furious operation. but president obama's apparently still holding on to attorney general eric holder. the "new york post" reports the president has asked him to stay on for a second term and holder has agreed. we told you earlier holder is also facing criticism for reportedly knowing months ago
7:34 am
that former c.i.a. director david petraeus was under investigation by the f.b.i. and never informed the president. >> brian: forget bullets. saddam hussein was almost killed bay book bomb. too bad he wasn't. this is about a new documentary that came out called "sealed lips." he was sent an exploding book in the '70s. he was paranoid, so he had somebody else open it up and that guy blew up. we know he was captured and we later hung him. >> steve: it's time to show your love for papa john's. a 16-year-old is hyped a push urging americans to pick up their favorite pie, pizza pie, friday for papa john's appreciation day. liberals are calling for a boycott. the ceo says obamacare will cost their chain up to $8 million a year and could force it to cut employee hours. a papa john's owner told us obamacare leaves her no choice. >> i don't understand why these folks want to keep boycotting companies that say this has an
7:35 am
impact on the bottom line. if you're going to boycott everest aunt company that says the health care law has an impact on the bottom line, be prepared to cook at home a lot because it's affecting everest aunt. >> steve: speaking of restaurants, all garden and appleby's are two other chains that expressed concern about the cost of obamacare. >> gretchen: a photographer was shooting a scenic time lapse video of montreal when the unthinkable happened. take a look. fire broke out in a six story building. the blaze all caught on camera. the photographer says this was his first time attempt to go make a time lapse video and one he'll never forget. no one was injured in the fire. >> steve: that is extraordinary. brian, over to you. >> brian: our next guest not only rock out on the microphone, but they're rock stars defending our freedom in the skies when they have some time. joining us are active duty soldiers from the united states air force academy and they're
7:36 am
also known, the band is known as blue steel. great name, great band. julie, thanks for coming in today. >> our pleasure. >> brian: so introduce the band. >> okay. this is sean here on rocking french horn and shaker and we have ryan on guitar, collin on the bass, and tim on the jim bay. tell me how this came together. >> we planned this tour to come here and honor our veterans this week and were lucky enough to be on your show and do a song for you. >> brian: you are going to do that. when it comes to this band coming together, where do you find time to practice? you have another job. >> no, this is our full-time job. we're musicians full time. this is what we get to do for the air force. >> brian: if you couldn't get into music, would you have still joined? >> i don't know. yes. yes, of course. yes. >> brian: so you got a chance to go around and do a lot of cover songs. what would you be doing with us today? >> a foo fighter song called "my hero. and later we'll be at james
7:37 am
madison high school. >> brian: let's listen to a little blue steel. ♪ too alarming now when i talk about ♪ ♪ take your picture down and shake it out ♪ ♪ truth will come when you say it out loud ♪ ♪ there goes my hero ♪ watch him as he goes ♪ there goes my hero
7:38 am
♪ ordinary ♪ while the rest of them peter out ♪ ♪ truth or consequence ♪ there goes my hero ♪ watch him as he goes ♪ there goes my hero ♪ he's ordinary ♪ you know my hero ♪
7:39 am
the one that goes ♪ there goes my hero watch him as he goes ♪ ♪ there goes my hero ♪ ordinary ♪ there goes my hero ♪ watch hip -- him as he goes ♪ there goes my hero
7:40 am
♪ he's ordinary ♪ ordinary, yeah yeah yeah ♪ . >> brian: all right. blue steel. great job. good job. thank you so much for coming by. and good luck and happy veterans day and thanks so much for your service. excellent. meanwhile coming up straight ahead on this show, drink all the pepsi you want and lose weight. the skinny on the fat blocking soda next. yes, it's true. then do you think you can survive a catastrophe? the doomsday preppers feel they can. >> right now i have 13 guns, hand guns, semiautomatic assault rifles, and sniper guns. >> brian: they're here with the one thing everyone needs to have. all of them [ mother ] you can't leave the table
7:41 am
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7:44 am
>> gretchen: quick headlines. head injuries and pesticides, researchers say that dangerous combinations makes you three times more likely to develop parkinson's disease. a study found a brain weakened by a head injury is more vulnerable to the harmful effects of pesticides. is this too good to be true? pepsi introducing a new soda that makes you skinny? it's called pepsi special and contains a fiber that's supposedly helps reduce fat levels. right now it's only sold in japan. steve? >> steve: thanks. if armageddon came today, would you be ready? our next guest would because they're preparing for a doomsday event. >> we're bugging out to the cabin and i want this to be serious. we're going to see how well we are as a family doing this.
7:45 am
first and foremost is bug out bags. everybody get your bugout bag, it goes in front of the trailer. after that, boys, i want you to get your guns. holster them on the side, the rifles go in next. girls, food storage. start bringing up the food storage that goes in the trailer next. once the food storage is up, pack your clothes. i want cold weather clothes. i know it's summer time, but we might not be coming back. >> steve: okay. i'm now afraid. braxton south wick and his family are here and featured on "doomsday preppers." we have never had this many people on the couch at once. whose idea was it to bury a ton of coal in the backyard? >> braxton. >> i knew we needed it. i went on top -- it's good underground. i planted the garden on top. >> steve: what are you preparing for? >> well, on the show we're doing it bioelectrical terrorist attack. and the show follows us and the
7:46 am
military as they're doing a training exercise. so it's educational for the public and entertaining to watch. >> steve: now tara, at what point did your husband's interest in preparing for the worst case scenario go from kind of prominent to overboard almost? >> absolutely. it was after 9-11. he started to take a look around and think to himself, you know what? maybe we need to do more than what we're currently doing. so that's when he really took off and took it to a whole new level. >> steve: what's the reaction been from your friends and family members where they go, they're preppers. >> they shake their heads like that, but they're all on board. they're all preppers in their own way. they may not be as extreme as we are, but they definitely prepare in some shape or fashion. >> steve: sure. thing about your family is everybody's got a duty and everybody is good at different things. i'm going to read a child's name, or young adult's name, you and tell me what your specialty
7:47 am
is. reilly what, do you do in the prepping department? >> i'm the seamstress. so i can mend clothes or make blankets or bags if we need it. >> steve: taja? >> i am the gardener, so i'm usually maintaining and weeding and making sure that all the food is grown properly. >> steve: jaden? >> i'm the nurse, 'cause i have my cna. >> steve: you do? >> i do. so i'm most highly trained in the medical field. >> steve: so you're the one that everybody goes o when they accident doesally do something crazy with the big knife? >> yep. >> steve: all right. backsston, junior. >> i'm the outdoorsman. i like to about outdoors, hunt, fish, do anything wilelife like that. >> steve: colton? >> i'm the life guard, so i kind of just do like first aid things, like little first aid things, if jaden is doing like bigger first aid. >> steve: tristan? >> i'm the handyman.
7:48 am
got to fix things. >> ex fix anything. >> steve: we've got stuff around the studio. what do you make of two weeks ago hurricane sandy hit and the new york city area was immobilized. in fact, there is still people who don't have electricity. this thank is kind of what you have been talking about, be ready. >> absolutely. we looked at sandy, we watched it on tv and were mesmerized. it looked like a movie scene. the first thing i talked, and i told tar a, how many preppers are involved in this and i want to see their lives and see how well they waited out the storm. for us, it would have been something smaller than we planned for and we'd have been ready for it. >> steve: at our house, my wife is good for preparing for stuff. we had the water, plenty of food. whoever thought that eventually you'd run out of gas? all the cars ran out of gas. >> that's a big deal and i don't think people realize how important that is in their daily life. >> steve: yeah. you think, i've got a generator in the garage, but if you don't
7:49 am
have gas -- >> it doesn't work. >> steve: you got a gigantic paperweight out there. are you guys -- i'll open this up to the kids -- are you amazed how popular this program is on netgeo? >> yes. >> steve: can you explain why it's so popular? >> i don't know. i think mostly because there is this big ordeal about the world ending maybe in 2012 'cause of the mayan calendar. and also people are realizing how many natural disasters there are. and just having little things like food storage or bugout bag also help us in those situations. >> steve: the bugout bag is a bag to prepare you so you can leave and be ready. check out "doomsday preppers" tonight at 9:00 o'clock on netgeo. very nicely done. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: next up, go from deployment to employment. cheryl casone here with top five companies hiring veterans today. first, on this date back in
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> brian: the october unemployment rate for 9-11 veterans was way above the general population rate with 10%. >> gretchen: in honor of veterans day, the "fox business" network, cheryl casone, is here with a special edition of who is hiring. we have our own virtual career fair set up today? >> these five companies are hold ago virtual career fair, 1 to 2:00 p.m. eastern time. that's just for "fox & friends."
7:54 am
and the web site but i want to get to the companies because a lot of these companies that are looking out to hire vets are telling us 29% of the companies are saying we want to hire veterans. they'll take a veteran versus another qualified candidate because of the professionalism and technical skills. that's really important. i wanted to get that out there. excellent is an energy company. natural gas, nuclear electric. they need about 500 people right now. they can train you to run the nuclear reactor. why not, if you want to run the reactor. >> brian: get the white jump set. >> gretchen: 47 states right now. they are also -- they've got 27,000 people now. it's a larger company. good benefits. >> brian: nothing is going fast -- growing faster than natural gas. what about progressive, insurance? >> yes, exactly. progressive insurance, auto, property casualty. 100 jobs available now. they need claims adjustors. you can make about 40,000 a
7:55 am
year. if do you sales or service calls, run the phones, you can make about 12 to $14 per hour. >> gretchen: at & t? >> you know number two, phone company in the nation, obviously. and the data network has been exploding this in a good way. they need thousands right now. technicians, that's a really good job for veterans because of the technical skills they have. project managers, network engineers, people that can do sales, people that can do analysis. they actually have their own military recruiting team at at & t. they have their own department that is looking for veterans. >> brian: wells fargo bank, a bank that's still doing well? >> a lot of the banks. say what you will about the banks, but they've been active in hiring our heros. 45,000 jobs available. they need underwriters, personal bankers, people to do customer service, people that can recruit. wells fargo is another company that told us they really value the professionalism that you learn in your military service. >> gretchen: finally, gray bar electric n this is a smaller company, but again, they've got 130 jobs open right now.
7:56 am
they do electric communication types of equipment basically to help run the logistics of companies. they've got 130 jobs. they need salespeople, corporate people and also are a founding member of the 10,000 jobs challenge, which is a big effort to get veterans hired. >> gretchen: so if somebody goes to this virtual career fair today from 1 to 2:00 p.m. eastern time, what do they do? >> they log in. they post their resume. and then that career fair will actually connect them with a company. a lot of this is done -- it's via skype and things like that. so you can do it from home. also one thing to point out, companies are saying they're not putting they're a veteran on the resume. put that on there. >> brian: thank you so much. we're going to come right back for another hour of fox "fox & friends." an illegal immigrant kills an american and is not deported. >> gretchen: white house release ago time line of the petraeus scandal. but laura ingraham says she sees
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is tuesday, november 13, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for so much for sharing part of your day with us today. fox news alert. while you were sleeping, the petraeus scandal we want from bad to worse. first it was general david petraeus. now general john allen. commander in afghanistan tied to the same woman that played a role in ending petraeus' career. jennifer griffin, our reporter, live with the very latest. >> steve: an illegal immigrant kills an american, but that's not enough to get him deport. the victim's father is outraged and you will hear from him in the next 15 minutes. >> brian: and brace for landing. a plane runs off the runway and
8:01 am
heads straight off the highway. the whole thing caught on camera. that wasn't a reinabilitiment. "fox & friends" starts right now >> brian: we have a "fox & friends" record. six authors on today. this is a big book release today. >> steve: books traditionally come out on tuesdays. it's a tuesday as people start to think about books they're going to buy for christmas. greg gutfeld will be dropping by, trying orgeat to you buy his book. >> brian: right. greg is one of the funniest people on the planet. his book is excellent. one minute after the top of the hour. we have a lot to discuss and a lot of breaking news. but first. >> gretchen: let's get to your headlines. you probably have seen this name on your computer screen. mchas feaa antivirus. the company's founder might be wanted for murder. according to the tech blog, police in belize want to question him about the shooting
8:02 am
death of his neighbor, gregory "fallin." they had been at odds after fall filed a complaint at mcafe, for firing guns. the same report suggests he experimented with drugs and arrested on gun charges. he wanted to blow up the home of former president george w. bush and soon khalid could be call ago prison cell home. in a few hours, a texas judge will sentence him for his plot to attack the former president's home, as well as several nearby power plants. a jury convicted the former texas tech student in june. speculation growing now. senator john kerry may become the new secretary of defense, not secretary of state as many had thought. according to the "washington post," president obama may ask the vietnam veteran to replace leon panetta. panetta plans to stick around for now, though, but probably won't serve a full term. kerry's office says he remains focused on his job as senator. as fort secretary of state, it's
8:03 am
believed the president could nominate u.s. ambassador to the united nations, susan rice, for that position. but she came under scrutiny for appearing on five different sunday shows blaming the terrorist attack in libya on that anti-muslim video. those are your headlines this morning. >> steve: brian. >> brian: two minutes after the top of the hour. first, it was general petraeus who stepped down from his position after getting caught in an extramarital affair. the current commander in afghanistan is linked to that same scandal in some respects. not only did the same woman blow the whistle, the feds say they got 30,000 pages of e-mails to prove there was interaction. what was the interaction like? what do the e-mails consist of? jennifer griffin following the pentagon for us. what's the latest and how did we find out about general allen? >> this story just keeps getting stranger and stranger. now the d.o.d. inspector general is investigating general allen. that case was referred to him
8:04 am
because of this larger investigation that led to the revelations of the affair between paula broadwell, the biographer of david petraeus. petraeus stepped down on friday. now turns out that the woman who started the entire f.b.i. investigation, jill kelly, who is a socialite in tampa bay, florida, who got to know both general petraeus and general john allen when they were serving in tampa a few years ago, she now implicated because they have 20 to 30,000 e-mails between her and general allen that we're told are of a sexual nature, implying some sort of relationship. as you know, according to the uniformed code of military justice, that's a problem for general allen. right now the defense secretary, leon panetta, has essentially put on hold the confirmation hearings for general allen to move to a position of supreme allied commander in europe and
8:05 am
he has asked the senate to move forward very quickly with the confirmation hearing for general joe dunnford who is supposed to take over in afghanistan. all of this coming about as the secretary's on a trip to australia. his spokesman, george little, had it thank to say about the revelations of general john allen. >> this matter is under investigation, and before the facts are determined, general allen will remain commander. general allen is entitled to due process in this matter. >> defense secretary leon panetta responded to -- excuse me, to petraeus' resignation for the first time also on board that plane enroute to australia. >> i think he took the right step and i think it's important when you're director of the c.i.a. with all of the challenges that face you in that
8:06 am
position that that personal integrity comes first and foremost. >> we understand from general petraeus' former executive officer that petraeus had not planned to step down as director of the c.i.a. after the f.b.i. came to him and questioned him about the relationship with broadwell. but last tuesday when the director of national intelligence james clapper approached petraeus about this affair, he indicated to petraeus that he really should step down. that's when petraeus went to the president, offered his resignation late last week. what's also interesting is that the f.b.i., after telling reporters yesterday that the case between petraeus and broadwell had not indicated any breaches of classified information, the f.b.i. was at broadwell's house in north carolina last night and they removed several computers, boxes and boxes of documents. so it appears as if they are
8:07 am
still investigating to see if there were any classified leaks or breaches that may have led to any laws being broken. >> brian: a quick second, we know the attorney general found out about this over the summer. we know robert muller knew about it, f.b.i. director, almost immediately. we know that he was briefing the president on a regular basis. what are the chances that the president actually didn't know until election day that this all was going down and this investigation was taking place? >> it's difficult to say. certainly the house and senate intelligence committees were not notified. we know that from senator diane feinstein. panetta said they had to look why the intelligence committees were not informed. there's a difference of opinion here in washington about whether the f.b.i. needed to -- and whether the justice department and robert muller needed to tell
8:08 am
the president. so i think they wanted to see where the investigation ended up. >> steve: it's ended up on the front page of the paper. thank you very much. let's dial in laura ingraham. she joinses from washington, d.c., scandal central. are you buying the whole business, laura, the president didn't know about it until two days after the election? >> before i answer that question, can we just talk about the fact that we have maybe 70, i believe, last count, insider attack deaths in afghanistan and we apparently have the commanding general in afghanistan with so much time on his hands that he's able to send thousands of e-mails? i mean, how do these individuals -- i'm not talking about the private lives of them, but how do these individuals in positions of such authority where they have the lives of thousands of americans, c.i.a. agents, imbedded agents and now in marines and soldiers, lives in their hands, they have so much time that they can do all these other extracurricular
8:09 am
activities and then they can think it's all fine and nobody will learn about it and they should keep their jobs. for me that, is so disturbing when we have these men and women and i visited them at walter reed, sat with their families as they're being taken off respirators and later lose their lives at age 19 or 20. i find this to be appalling. and believe me, i'm the most flawed person out there. i'm like people live in glass houses, fine. but the idea that we should sit back here and just say, well, this is no national security breach occurred and this is just -- no, no, n. these are men and women who served this country in uniform and proudly. and just -- i mean, i'm stunned by that. i don't buy that the president didn't know about it. no, i don't buy it at all. >> gretchen: okay. >> steve: ron kesler said the president probably knew about it in the spring and the main stream media has been handed these press releases. it wasn't until two days after the election.
8:10 am
>> gretchen: what are the ramifications of that? if the president knew before and didn't say that he knew, what are the ramifications? >> first of all, i think unfortunately, we won't know, will we, because the election went forward and he was reelected. i don't know if it would have affected the reelection or not, but i do believe that there would have probably been a different debate in this election, during this election that would have involved a judgment, foreign policy, management, competence, and a lot of other issues that were just never raised because nobody knew any of this. look, i actually spoke with general petraeus on september 10. i happened to be at the washington nationals game and there were a wunsch of wounded warriors there, we were all talking to them. i spent five minutes talking to petraeus, secretary or third time maybe i met him. nice guy, great guy. this is not about whether he's a nice person or he served his country proudly. this is about the fact that the american people were not told and the president apparently is
8:11 am
not being forth coming about this, about what the f.b.i. knew, why they were investigating private e-mail accounts after six or seven jaraing e-mails were sent. why is the f.b.i. even looking into those? >> gretchen: that's my question because according to these source, they say it was a close call as to whether or not the f.b.i. should have even opened a case initially. so something is not being told about that whole side of the story, in my mind. >> it's very odd. again, when people say, well, no national security was compromised and diane fiennes stein was quick to say on fox news sunday, i was a panelist, she was quick to say, well, there could have been a national security breach. well, excuse me. how do we know there wasn't? how do we know there wasn't a national security breach? they're still going through her files. i used to be a criminal defense attorney back in the day. when they go to your house and start taking your boxes out, they're looking for stuff. maybe there was a breach. >> brian: all i'm going to say is you're looking at the great
8:12 am
estrogen of our generation and i believe that if you have a president that can survive one of the most -- biggest sex scandals that i can remember in my lifetimes and he had the same type of responsibility on his shoulders, the director the c.i.a. said, i'm wondering if he could be cut a little slack and we can investigate a little bit more before james clapper evidently oblivious again, walks into the office on tuesday and said, you should resign. >> i have another question, was this another gutsy call by the administration? was this gutsy, too, just to apparently eric holder briefed about this by muller, eric holder, we're supposed to believe didn't talk to one of his closest friends, one of his closest friends is brack branch he's been at the center of voter i.d. cases, immigration cases against arizona, fast and furious, the refusal to prosecute the new black panther party. eric holder is the fulcrum of what's begun on over the past four years. he's very close to the
8:13 am
president. i do not believe that eric holder would have kept information from the president about a c.i.a. director being a part of a federal investigation. if he did, i think that's incompetent. >> brian: that could be one of the reasons why barak obama is asking him to stay on fort second term. we know you got a lot to talk about on your radio show. you got 45 minutes to prepare. we'll see you next week. >> gretchen: speak of illegal immigration, illegal immigrant kills an american. buff that's not enough to get him deported. the victim's father standing by. >> brian: 12 million bucks for a school that teaches 20 kids. [ mother ] you can't leave the table
8:14 am
till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes!
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8:16 am
>> steve: unlicensed illegal immigrant living in the sanctuary city of san francisco, california killed a man with his car, but got to stay in the united states. that is the story of robert gallow, an immigrant from honduras, who on november 16, 2010, hit 25-year-old drew rosen burg with his car.
8:17 am
gallow proceed to do drive over his victim, killing him at the scene. now drew's father has been working tirelessly to get gallow deported when he's released from prison on friday, but has found the laws are not on gallow's side. -- they are on gallow's side. joining us from l.a. is don rosenberg and here is our studio, peter johnson, jr. don, thank you for joining us. we're sorry about the loss of your son. tell us what happened that day in 2010 with drew and mr. goal low. >> well, my son was a second year law student in san francisco. he was coming home from school on his motorcycle riding very slowly. it was rush hour traffic. gallow, at the last second tried to make a left-hand turn and hit him in the intersection. i believe that the original collision didn't kill my son. they were both going very slowly. gallow then accelerated and drove over my son's body.
8:18 am
he couldn't go further because my son's helmet came off and got stuck underneath his wheel. he backed up and drove over him a second time. and then what i believe trying to escape, he then went forward again and only because a very brave person had gotten out of their car and stood in front of his, he stopped. unfortunately, his tire was on my son's abdomen. and five men had to lift the car off him. >> steve: that's just terrible. >> your son drew was 25 years old and he was a law student and we mourn his loss. what did the federal authorities tell you after he was convicted of these misdemeanors? he was originally charged with a felony. did they tell you now there is nothing we can do for you. he will stay in the united states? >> well, after he was sentenced, i approached my congressman, henry waxman, because i wanted to make sure that once gallow was released from prison, he now has his two misdemeanors and
8:19 am
under the temporary protective status law which is not the least bit temporary, but very protective, he should be deported. so i asked their office to contact ice. i wanted him taken into custody the second he got out of prison and then go through the deportation hearings. they did contact ice in san francisco, which told them no, they weren't going to take him into custody and they weren't going to deport him because as far as they were concerned, he had only killed one person and that's only one crime of moral turpitude and his other misdemeanor didn't count. that's just not acceptable. >> what's happened is janet napolitano announced new prosecutial guide loan lanes by which there is a higher threshold by which people are deported in america. some said that was a political move in an election year and frankly, we're seeing the effects of what happened to one particular family, the rosenberg family, steve. >> unfortunately, this happens to thousands of people a year.
8:20 am
if my son's death was a freak accident and didn't really happen a lot, i wouldn't be sitting here now. i'd be dealing with it the best i could. but when i started doing research and i started researching unlicensed. that took me to illegal immigrants. thousands of people a year killed by illegal immigrants and driving. and unfortunately, particularly in california, but nationally, the powers to be are making it easier for them to drive without licenses. >> americans need to speak you want to powers that be. they can write to janet napolitano today. legal course has run. the political source should begin and there should be justice for drew rosenberg. >> steve: all right. don rosenberg, we thank you for joining us today from l.a. and telling your story. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> steve: peter, thank you. >> thank you. >> steve: bad indeed. meanwhile, 20 minutes after the top of the hour. that's "fox business" network's melissa francis who played
8:21 am
cassandra ingalls on "little house on the prairie." it's one she kept private for a very long time and she's next. sf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. let's fix dinner. it's a new way to get cash back deals, and it's called bankamerideals! i sign into my online banking... click the "cash back deals tab"... and pick the deals i want. i just use my bank of america debit or credit card when i pay,
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8:24 am
>> gretchen: quick headlines now. small business owners remain cautious last month as they waited for the election results. the national federation of business found owner optimism rose just .3% and 4% planned to hire. taxpayers spending nearly $12 million on the new school with more staff members than students. the rivers elementary school in fayetteville, georgia, has 24 employees but never more than 20 students attending. they may sell the school now.
8:25 am
>> steve: we all remember our next guest who played cassandra cooper ingalls on "little house on the prairie." >> i'm afraid. >> as long as we're together, nothing is going to happen. come on. >> my leg! i think it's broken! what do i do? >> i don't know! >> i got to go back! >> no, you can't. >> you have to! you could die! cassandra, no! >> steve: run! run! there is a bear trap. >> brian: you're laughing! that little kid is in a bear trap. >> i know. but it's just a classic little house drama. my parents were killed in a tragic wagon accident. it happens all the time. those wagons are so dangerous, they just go flying off a cliff. >> brian: your you think your parents could have heard the music get louder and louder.
8:26 am
>> gretchen: actually your new book -- this is melissa francis. >> steve: she's all growed up. >> gretchen: "the diary of a stage mother's daughter." i'm glad to see you laughing because this is actually a tragic book of sorts. in the end, there is hope. you've changed the cycle. but you did not have a great childhood. >> in front of the camera, i had a magical childhood. i was in more than 100 commercials and i was on movies and series and when i was working, it was fantastic. we had a really fun time. like the scenes you saw, they had to do a lot of bribing and cajoling to get everyone to perform and do their thing. we had a lot of fun. >> brian: thanks to michael landon. >> my career was fueled by the hollywood version of a tiger mom, a stage mother who poured all of her desire and ambition and time and effort into making me a star. and she was very clever and she worked really hard, but she drove me relentlessly to perfection and achievement in everything. in acting, in school.
8:27 am
an a minus wasn't acceptable. it was inkressant drive. i had an older sister who she treated the same way. and had very different effects. for me, it made me incredibly driven. but for my sister, who couldn't live up to that pressure and couldn't perform and didn't achieve at the same level, it really destroyed her and she shrunk further back. >> brian: how did your mom feel that you wrote the book? she's furious, right? >> well, the whole story sort of comes to an explosive end at the end of the book. from there, we hadn't spoken in more than a decade. >> steve: until? >> until i took my show on fox business out to california, to l.a. >> steve: a week or two ago? >> yeah. and she came in and confronted me and she grabbed me and -- it was scary. i was the kid that she threw
8:28 am
down the stairs or out of the car. >> steve: you were having a flashback to your childhood that my mother is at me again. >> yeah. yeah. and it was just a couple minutes before the show. but luckily she sort of left as quickly as she came. >> gretchen: why was this so important for you to write? you're happily married. you have two beautiful sons. what was the reason? was it cathartic? >> it was really that since people have read it, they come up to me and they say, i had the same experience, but then when they tell me about it, it's actually completely different. and what they're relating to is the idea that you can have a typical childhood, a tremendous hurdle in your past and you can decide, i woke up one day and i just said, i'm going to have a different life. i'm going to break this cycle. i'm not going to do this anymore. and i started a new day where i had a family of my own of the i have a loving husband. i have two beautiful children, a career that i love, and i just started a brand-new life. i think a lot of times people feel stuck in the way that they
8:29 am
were raised and they don't know how to get themselves out of it. my sister, you know, very much got stuck. >> brian: when you first came here, i was yelling at you and trying to rattle you when you came here. and i'm like, why can't i rattle this woman? now i know. because you went through hell as a kid. >> a lot of it, the beginning of the book, most of it is very funny and joyful. and we had a lot of great times. that's what makes it so hard is it's not clear cut. i mean, she did -- she's responsible for so much of my success in life and it did have a lot of positive effects, but then it didn't. >> gretchen: it's a fine line between dedicated parent who invests themselves in a child for all the good and right reasons, and then the ones who just take it a step too far. >> yeah. and it becomes a problem when the child decides that they're going to be an adult and realize they need to have some control over their own life of the that's what spurred me to go across country and go to
8:30 am
harvard. i needed to get away and see if i wanted to do something different, if i could have a life of my own. and that really changed everything for me. >> gretchen: you do. >> steve: it's all in the new book, comes out today "diary of a stage mother's daughter." thank you so much. >> brian: i'm thinking movie. >> we'll see. >> brian: i would like to apply a role. i would like to play something. >> you can be michael landon. >> brian: i'm studying now. does the kid ever get out of the bear trap? >> no, that's jason bateman. no one ever heard of him again. >> brian: this is an unhappy story. poor jason. >> gretchen: coming up, check out this shocking video right here. yep, that's a plane running right off the runway, headed straight for the highway. the whole thing caught on camera. we'll tell you what happened. >> steve: greg gutfeld is here. he's got a beef with main stream media and their phony manufactured outrage. that's his phony manufactured
8:31 am
outrage face. >> brian: and it's a manufactured outrage sweater. >> steve: it's the joy of hate. he's next on a where others fail, droid powers through.
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8:35 am
>> according to the usa today, treasury secretary timothy geithner is expected to step down. he said he'll seek a job in the private sector. apparently nobody told him there are no jobs in the private sector. will have laugh. >> gretchen: very funny. somebody who is now back to the public sector who was hoping to be vice president, congressman paul ryan, back at his job as a congressman from wisconsin. interestingly enough, he was on the ballot to be a congressman begin from wisconsin, at the same time that he was on the balance to be vice president. he's speaking for the first time since the election. he says he has to get back to work to fix america that the issues are still the same that they were in the campaign and they're not going to go away any time soon. >> i got reelected to represent the first district in wisconsin. i'm still the house budget chair. so as i see things, it's part of my job to be part of the solution to try and make this divided government work 'cause the issues we talked about, seven days ago are still the issues we had to deal with todayer. the economy, debt crisis.
8:36 am
we got a health care system problem. i worried about our military. so these same problems exist and we're going to have to find a way of finding common ground to make them work. >> brian: you can see the disappointment in his face. >> steve: absolutely. >> brian: obviously it's got to be crushing. new jersey one of the hardest hit by super storm sandy. the governor ended the gas rationing. saying the supplies have been replenished, but there is still a lot of work to be done, especially down south and by the shore for life to be normal. molly line is live with more. >> two weeks later, there is still these pockets of misery. this is just one of the many streets we've seen all across new jersey and new york. people belongings out on the streets. the water on this street, webber avenue, came all the way up to the telephone lines and caused this kind of damage. some of the homes literally washed out underneath. their foundations affected. going to make things more difficult. that's one of the things there is still power outages across the state.
8:37 am
much of the power has been restored in a lot of places. the numbers different depending on who you ask. it's reported yesterday that there were still over 5,000 people without power, but by the later afternoon, state officials said there were about 1,000 people still without power. you can see this neighborhood all banged up all across the state. a few pockets of good news despite devastation, what many homeowners are still going through about 99% or more of the schools have been reopened. so the bright spot for the kids. some efforts to get things back to normal. some of the schools will have to be created to finish getting things open. the gas rationing has ended in new jersey. but still a tough situation. people still waiting to hear from fema, waiting to hear from their insurance companies trying to get some sort of estimate on how much they're going to have, how quickly they can rebuild. and it's tough to schedule contractors, when you see a neighborhood like this, this is all up and down the block. back to you. >> steve: molly line where it's raining today, thank you very much.
8:38 am
as for the gas lines in new jersey yesterday, absolutely no lines. if you wanted gas, you just drove right up and there was some guy waiting to pump your tank full. >> brian: in new york, they did a brilliant thing. waited two weeks, watched new jersey do it effectively. keep it up. that's the rationing. we got the rationing down when we got the gas back. >> gretchen: let's get to your headlines now. he was held in contempt of congress for failing to turn over documents on the botched fast and furious operation. but president obama is apparently holding on to eric holder. the "new york post" reports the president asked him to stay on for a second term and holder agreed. holder also facing criticism for reportedly knowing months ago that david petraeus was under investigation by the f.b.i. and never informed the president. >> steve: long before he was hanged, saddam hussein dodged death by a book bomb. according to a new documentary called "sealed lips," the israeli intelligence agency, sent him an exploding book back
8:39 am
in the 1970s. he was so paranoid, evidence an iraqi official open the package. the bomb blew up and killed the guy. saddam hussein was executed in 2006 after being captured by u.s. troops as he was hiding in a spider hole. >> brian: a photographer shooting a scenic time lapse video in montreal when the unexpected happened. watch. a fire broke out. they gutted a six story building and lit up the night sky. this is the first time he tried make a time lapse video and one he won't forget. no one hurt in the fire. >> steve: more unbelievable video out of brazil. security camera caught that -- look at that corporate jet as it skidded over an embankment. imagine the drivers on that highway right there. the pilot was seriously hurt. the two passengers were able to escape with just minor injuries. what's today? >> gretchen: tuesday. >> brian: monday night football happened last night. win turning into what could be a big loss for the steelers.
8:40 am
ben roethlisberger, you thought he was indestructible? huh-uh. sprained his shoulder, taken to the hospital. he was done for the game. and possibly for a few weeks. the steelers beat kc 16-13. they're 6-3. got a four-game winning streak. remember this yesterday? nascar stopping short of suspending gordon. he was fined $100,000 and put on probation. the rest of the season will be probation and he's docked 25 points. it was the fight of jerry the king lawler's life. remember? >> typical jerry lawler fashion. he's fighting hard and again king pulled through this. our thoughts and prayers are with you and we hope to have some sort of update before we leave the air tonight. come on, get through this. >> brian: he did. the king of the ring finally returning home. jerry lawler. it's the first time lawler appeared live on the show after
8:41 am
having that heart attack live on the air two months ago. >> gretchen: coming up next on "fox & friends," greg gutfeld is here. you know him from "the five." he's got a beef with the main stream media and their phony manufactured outrage. it's all in his new book. >> brian: he can't exist without four other people. >> steve: there you go. thank you. he's in studio e now. then this woman busted driving on the sidewalk to speed past the school bus. now her punishment is in and you're looking at it. little public humiliation. something that greg gutfeld knows about. he's next. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. monarch of marketing analysis. with the ability to improve roi through seo all by cob.
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>> steve: quick headlines. osama bin laden's right hand man is a free man today, british
8:45 am
judge granting that guy bail after ruling the radical cleric cannot be deported from the united kingdom to jordan. he's wanted there for bomb plots back in '99 and 2000. new video out of cleveland, ohio, that 32-year-old woman completing the idiot portion of her criminal sentence. she is order to hold a sign labels her an idiot after she admitted to driving on to a sidewalk to avoid a stopped school bus back in september. great. her license was also suspended for 30 days and she had to pay a $250 fine. >> brian: i sense a lead story on "red eye." >> i'm greg gutfeld. steve doocy. steve's so hot. gretchen carlson. he's your bite size battler, greg gutfeld. 8:45 in new york city. 3:00 a.m. in bill hemmer's basement and this segment is
8:46 am
packed tighter than leaper's island. i don't know what that means. so let's do this, america. >> gretchen: fantastic. >> brian: i just did a greg gutfeld impersonation. >> i think it should have been lemur's island. >> i just pick an arbitrary animal and makes fun of its attributes. >> steve: the book is called "the joy of hate, how to triumph over whiners in the day of outrage." go to have you. >> you don't mean that. >> steve: yes, i do. this is tv talk. phony outrage emanates predominantly from the left, you say. >> right. they operate under the guise of tolerance in order to shut you up. basically it's this faux anger at everything that you say to score points politically. >> steve: give us an example. >> i wish i had some. >> gretchen: come on. >> brian: it's in your book. take something from the book. >> why do you do this to me?
8:47 am
>> gretchen: the election. >> for example, let's say you voted for president obama in 2008. hooray. then in 2012, you're not voting for him. then you're probably a racist. that's your honor the guise of tolerance because in the world of open mindedness, any time you deviate from the ideology of the left, you are considered a bigot. so then you find yourself trying to explain no, maybe i don't like his policies and they're like, yeah, right. we know how you really feel. that's how phony tolerance works. i call it the tolaradi. those are people who claim to be tolerant when they meet a conservative or libertarian, they hate you. but they use the mantle of tolerance as a guise. >> brian: how did you get the steady cam? how did you get ted on the steady cam. how much money do you have? >> ted and i have been living together forly years. >> brian: take a shot of ted. his life partner. >> gretchen: your wife is
8:48 am
on-line -- >> my wife is not up yet. >> gretchen: what about the double standard? this one rings true with me, with regard to religion. it's okay to make fun of christians, but not other religions. >> let's look, you can do the book of mormon. i live near the -- where it plays. people come out, they love it. it's fantastic. but if you do a where is mohammed car too. all the people who run the tolerance, they didn't run the cartoon of the they actually suffer from islamphobia. they point to the writer and conservatives and go, because you're upset about the mosque near the world trade center remains -- >> brian: you're anti-muslim. let's talk about the occupy movement and compared to the tea party movement. that's the impetus by why a guy of your intellect writes a book like this. >> it drove me nuts. the media in part drove most of this because they see themselves in the romantic ideals of the occupy movement when, in fact, everything about the occupy movement was an attack on
8:49 am
american values. whereas, the tea party celebrated smaller government and basically individual liberty, which to them, to a reporter, to the media, reminds them of their parents. whereas occupy wall street reminds them of their romantic self that never really existed. so they elevate these people that are basically soiling the streets, while insulting people that actually have jobs and work for a living. i always say that the sea party people never break windows because they own the windows. >> steve: your book is how to triumph over whiners. you kind of are whining yourself. >> you're absolutely right. i mention that in the book that i'm as guilty as this and i try to temperate with humor so when you start to get angry, you have to stop and go, this is stupid. like for example, if you're on-line and you're getting mad at comments on a web site, like -- you got to get out, leave the room, and go talk to another human being. unfortunately, i don't have any
8:50 am
friends. >> gretchen: you do, too. >> no, i don't. >> steve: it's not just the funny book, it's not just a serious book, it's a funny serious book that is very good. check it out. it's called "the joy of hate" by that man. >> brian: gretchen will stay up and watch you on "red eye." >> will you? when are you coming on? you won't come on. >> brian: i do come on. >> you do come on. he hosted pour me once. to them, it's like doing an adult film. >> gretchen: it's a stunning statisticment coming up, one in eight babies born prematurely each year, but there is a movement happening now to make sure that doesn't happen. first, let's check in with bill hemmer. >> tell greg back to the basement. [ laughter ] >> steve: that story is true? >> who gave you a key? >> yeah. i have the activity pit all ready. there is an activity pit. it's where bill sleeps. >> good luck on the book.
8:51 am
>> i have like four seconds left. another of our great military leaders is drawn into this mess now on the e-mails. who knew what and when before the election? and how obamacare is being felt by american business. you will see changes starting now. martha and i will see new about ten minutes. out of the basement. good luck it's swanson flavor boost. concentrated broth to add delicious flavor to your skillet dish in just one stir. mmm! [ female announcer ] cook, meet compliments. get recipes at ♪ nespresso. where there's a coffee to match my every mood. ♪ where just one touch creates the perfect cup. where every cappuccino and latte is made with fresh milk. ♪ and where clothing is optional. nespresso. what else?
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>> gretchen: it is the leading cause of newborn deaths in the united states affecting nearly one out of eight babies, premature births are not only increasingly common u about the cause of many life long disabilities in people. president of the march of dimes foundation is here with their 2012 premature birth report card for every state and what you need to know. good to see you. so this comes out today, the report cashed. on average, the united states is
8:55 am
doing average. we're a c. >> that's right. that's right. we're object the right track, but we could be doing a lot better. the united states has one of the highest rates of preterm birth of any country in the world. but we've been getting progressively better for the last five years, so that's the good news. and the other news is that we're on the right track and we just need to keep focused and do the right things, right policies and good leadership. >> gretchen: this costs millions and billions of dollars annually, premature birth. >> it does. the institute of medicine estimates $26 billion a year in excess health care costs related to prematurity. so we have a good economic reason to prevent this condition. >> gretchen: i serve as a volunteer spokesperson for march of dimes. i was at your national conference of leadership volunteers a couple weeks ago in fellow there where you released the great news that there are now four states that have achieved an a grade vermont, oregon, new hampshire, maine. what are they doing right?
8:56 am
>> practically everything right for ma term and child health. they've got their pregnant women into good health care coverage, good smoking cessation coverage. very, very good data integration between clinics and hospitals and providers. they're just doing a wonderful job, but the rest of the states are moving in the right direction as well. >> gretchen: all right. also you have a petition at march of right now. you want to light the white house purple, which is the color of march of dimes. >> go and sign the petition to light the white house purple. this is a day of awareness for the half million families every year who have babies born preterm. so we think it's very important, a rallying cry. >> gretchen: great to see you and congratulations on the success. >> thank you. >> gretchen: more "fox & friends" two minutes away c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate.
8:57 am
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>> steve: we have 30 seconds to see whether or not brian returns to the set because he has one final segment to do. >> gretchen: i think he's so excited to do his radio show, ic


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